The 4 Good Foundation supports people and communities already on the road to success get there efficiently. Predominately those in South Australia. Our key strategies when doing this include.

  • provide support to Australian Indigenous communities so that they can prosper with opportunities that otherwise could be limited.
  • educating society about the potential issues that arise from prejudice.
  • providing academic scholarships
  • employment training, to better the development of Indigenous and disadvantaged society.
  • spreading awareness about core issues that arise from social inequality.

Our dedicated teams work closely with government, businesses and training organisations across the nation to change lives, families and communities through employment. Whether you’re looking for staff or want to find work, we can help. Combined with that we deliver a range of Indigenous Employment Programs every year. The programs provide intensive support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to prepare for work and find traineeships as well as finding part-time and full-time employment.

At the 4 Good Foundation we understand that employment has the potential to change lives and can make a difference to a person’s health and wellbeing, financial situation and even impact their social and family life. 4 Good Foundation has been helping people of all ages who have experienced barriers to employment – be it educational, personal or health-related – to gain the skills and confidence to find and keep a job.