Our Mission

“Committed to breaking the cycle of family violence and establishing beneficial community projects by connecting resources to the cause.”




Our mission is to create a positive difference in the lives of Australians, developing them to become the best version of themselves and those affected by domestic violence. We aim to provide equal opportunities of employment and a strong foundation to Australians through community education programs, skills training and scholarships, as well as fighting back against domestic violence by spreading awareness and ensuring its reporting.


Our Vision


“As a community connected charity, we take our place amongst those deeply concerned about the impact of family violence and the effect is has on our society. We’re a part of the modern story of care and charity throughout Australia and extend an unwavering hand of care to all.” 


Leading a social change which celebrates harmony, diversity and equality among all Australians, by making a positive difference to the lives of those in need of support.

Our vision is to be pioneers of social change in Australia, a society which celebrates equanimity in treatment and opportunities for its people and renounces domestic violence in all forms and manners.


Our Values

At the heart of everything we do are our Foundation values. We stand by them being the set of behaviours that we expect all our people to embrace to further our ambitions for the Foundation.


Acceptance of Change

Accepting change by using innovative practice, also by ensuring that individuals are guided through the process of change and understand how it will be of benefit to them.

Embracing the spirit of being human towards fellow beings will ensure that everyone can adapt and learn from each other.


Celebrating Diversity

Assimilating every culture with humanity at its core.

To provide opportunities to individuals from disadvantaged populations, regardless of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


Building Equality 

Equality is ensuring that all individuals are given equal opportunities to succeed and learn new skills.

In regard to the Foundation, it relates to all individuals having access to the different programs they wish to partake in.


Creating Harmony

Harmony is a peaceful interaction of human dynamics among members of a social group or groups.

Basic survival and subsistence families or complex societies develop and thrive on some form of social harmony, the focus linked to the Foundation is to create harmony within the communities and to help individuals work together as one.