About Us

About Us


By supporting children exposed to family violence, The 4 Good Foundation leads social change by breaking the cyclical nature of family violence and renouncing family violence in all forms.


4 Good promotes equal treatment and opportunities for men, women and children; and celebrates diversity.


4 Good aims to create a positive difference in the lives of Australian children impacted by family violence.


Through community education programs, skills training and scholarships, awareness campaigns condemning family violence; ensuring that it is reported; and that children exposed receive support. 4 Good encourages children to become the best version of themselves.


The Beginning

Based in South Australia, 4 Good Foundation is committed to delivering four projects each year that contribute change to our society; with a focus on raising awareness of the impact of family violence on children.


4 Good is developing Head On, a mobile phone application to support children exposed to family violence.  The app was identified by a group of technical minds, business analysts, consultants and psychology professionals to provide information to young people about how to address family violence in their families, cope with the psychological impact of exposure to family violence by using gamification to engage young people.


Your contributions will help us to achieve our target to raise $100,000 to develop a pilot of the the application and take the product to market.


Want to be a part of the change? Your can donate towards our work today. If you have an idea for a project that could help break the cycle of family violence, please contact us today. We want to help make your vision a reality.


We are an organisation that thrives on the generosity of volunteer work. Our entire Board and the vast majority of the wonderful people behind The 4 Good Foundation donate their time. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without their wonderful work. If you share our vision and would like to become a part of The 4 Good Foundation, contact us today.