We are committed to breaking the cycle of family violence and establishing beneficial community projects by connecting resources to the cause

Volunteer to help those affected by family violence

The 4 Good Foundation relies on 4 Good members of the community to provide their skills, services and manpower to facilitate our vision to combat family violence. The 4 Good Army is an easy, free and commitment free based volunteering opportunity to join!

You simply register to be a part of our 4 Good Army and when events or projects require more manpower, we contact you. The rest is up to you; you assess the date(s) and requirements and you tell us if you are happy to assist. The 4 Good Army is a great way to get involved in your community and help those in need without having to pay a cent.

“The 4 Good Army is an easy, free and commitment free based volunteering opportunity to join!”

We encourage all types of volunteers to apply and join to be a part of the 4 Good Army, whether you have specific skills you are willing to volunteer, can’t commit to a regular time but still want to give back, or you just want to register to find out more about opportunities as they arise.

The 4 Good Foundation welcomes and appreciates hands on help from all walks of life!

Why you should be a volunteer with 4 Good

If commitment free community involvement, finding a way to give back, and one fantastic Foundation all sound great to you, simply contact us and become a part of the 4 Good Army!

As a community connected charity, we take our place amongst those deeply concerned about the impact of family violence and the effect it has on our society. We’re a part of the modern story of care and charity throughout Australia and extend an unwavering hand of care to all.